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We are a leading supplier and installer of LED energy efficient lighting for offices, shops, garages, car showrooms, industrial buildings, production factories, nursing homes, hotels and much more.

Internal or external LED lighting upgrades that will help you to reduce running costs by up to 75%.

It is also extremely tax advantageous i.e.

Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme for Businesses

Open to all businesses that pay UK corporation tax or income tax, regardless of size, sector or location (Loss making businesses may apply against income tax payments).
Provides 100% first-year capital allowances on investments in energy-saving equipment against taxable profits of the period of investment.
Only spending on new and unused energy-saving equipment can qualify for ECAs.

Capital allowances are available for spending ‘on the provision of’ plant and machinery. This can include certain costs arising as a direct result of the installation of qualifying plan and machinery such as, transport of the equipment to the site, and some direct installation costs.

The 2015 Enhanced Capital Allowance compliance revision includes lighting controls described as ‘products that are specifically designed to switch electric lighting on or off/or to dim its output. Alongside this, the 2015 minimum luminaire efficacies for white LED lighting units have increased dramatically to further promote the use of more efficient light sources and controls.

Please see link below explains how Enhanced Capital Allowances work, but please note that reasonable labour charges can be included, please confirm the latter with your Accountant.



An established business since 1978, providing affordable, reliable, cost effective electrical installations for the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial areas.

Over the past 5 years as energy saving solutions have become a big part of all businesses, we have specialised in LED lighting technology and intelligent lighting controls.

Some of our lighting solutions are replacing 600 x 600 false ceiling fluorescent lighting to a 600 x 600 LED lighting panel providing correct energy saving lux levels to ensure your business is in full HSE compliance and showing up to 72% running cost saving.

External Floodlighting has been 250/400W sodium or metal halide and we will change to the more energy efficient and improved LED lighting.

Car Showrooms, workshops have been an area we can truly show a 69% saving on running costs, and the type of light given out enhances the cars to their true potential.

By moving over to LED Energy Saving lighting, you will benefit from some of the areas below.

Savings made with new LED Technology:

• You will have financial pay back returns within 12-24 months, sometimes sooner.
• Enhanced Capital Allowance relief provides a much faster return, writing off 100% of the capital cost against tax in the first year.
• Maintenance on your lighting is reduced considerably i.e. lamp replacement etc.
• Improved lux level lighting for HSE requirements and thus reduction of potential accidents at work.
• CIBSE lighting lux level guidelines must now be met in line with HSE and your insurance requirements.
• Your business will have a carbon reduction strategy in line with corporate social responsibility.

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