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We work with businesses in many different industries and provide the following areas of electrical works. We have 45 years of experience, expertise and knowledge, and a team of engineers across North Wales, Cheshire and The Wirral.

We would welcome working alongside your business and will be happy to discuss any of these or any other types of electrical work.

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K Evans's Design Service available for Commercial/Industrial new build, part or full installations & re-wires

Our experienced team of engineers have worked with many commercial clients over the last 45 years to design and complete a wide range of electrical projects throughout North Wales, Cheshire, the Wirral, Chester and Wrexham.

We offer solutions that are not only technically correct, but that also take into account budget and long term efficiency.

We have designed schemes for property developers, commerce and industry as well as one off individual private schemes and are always happy to take an impartial and pragmatic approach to any design requirement you may have, large or small.

Our design engineers will work closely with you to ensure we tailor the solution to meet your needs and if required will stay with you through installation and into completion and the ultimate certification and sign off, to ensure you get the service and the quality solution you require.

We can design and install systems that upgrade and increase the power supply, especially important when extending or enlarging property, and will work with the power supplier to ensure systems are adequately specified and compliant with The Electricity at Works Regulations 1989 and all insurance requirements. We can also design and install a Substation facility if required.

Design Service available for:

  • Commercial/Industrial new build, part or full installations & re-wires
  • Caravan Parks, Leisure Facilities, Nursing Homes
  • Security & CCTV Systems
  • Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting Schemes

Installations & Re-wires

Installations & Re-Wires

GK Evans has provided electrical service to major house builders, property developers and a variety of industrial, leisure and commercial enterprises over the last 45 years.

Our range of services includes:

  • Full design and installation
  • Rewires
  • Repairs
  • Cat 5e or Cat 6 Data cabling
  • Telecoms
  • Door Entry Access Control Systems – Video or Audio Controlled
GK Evans offer commercial installations & Re-Wires

Our experience covers new build, listed, property refurbishment, leisure facilities, caravan parks upgrades and external installations and is tailored to the specific needs of every client. We work alongside other contractors and suppliers to ensure the client gets a total solution and can also arrange power upgrades and design and install substations if required. As with all our services, our engineers will work closely with you and your managers to ensure you get the result you require, on time and within budget and always with an eye on long term efficiency and effectiveness.

All our work is certified to British Standard BS7671 and we are governed by the National Inspection Council for Electrical Contractors.

Security & CCTV Systems

Security & CCTV Systems

GK Evans have over 25 years of design, installation, maintenance and monitoring CCTV systems Improve the security of your home or business with up to date quality equipment with advanced up to date technology.

GK Evans have over 25 years of design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of fully integrated security and CCTV systems and we believe we are well placed to provide you with a system to suit your requirements that will give complete peace of mind.

Protecting commercial property, especially out of normal hours can be complex and expensive. At GK Evans we have the experience and technical proficiency to ensure any system installed is fit for purpose and will protect your property effectively and efficiently 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With advanced technology, CCTV has become more affordable providing you with a system that helps monitor your property.

Options include:

  • Intruder Alarms
  • CCTV Systems
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Speech Dialler or Text
  • Door Entry Systems
  • Annual maintenance package
  • G K Evans offer wired and wireless alarm systems for your home or business.
  • CCTV linked, Fire Alarm linked and Access Door, gate entry linked – keeping all systems fully integrated.

All our Security Systems comply to Grade 2 Industry Standards and we are governed recognised by major Insurance Companies.

Maintenance on all systems, Intruder Alarms, Fire Alarms, CCTV is important to ensure your systems are in good order, as and when required.

A combination of Intruder Alarms and CCTV will ensure you have the best solution possible to prevent you becoming a victim of crime and all the inconvenience that brings. Our qualified technicians will advise on the best combination of the very latest technology to ensure you are comprehensively protected.

Monitor your system via an app on your smart phone, staying in control 24/7 or choose a remote monitoring station again for 24/7 monitoring.

We offer fully monitored systems via:

  • Custodian Alarm Monitoring Centre
  • Speech & Auto Dialler – the cost effective solution
  • GSM system via mobile text message – requires no phone line

We can provide a no obligation quote that will detail the most proficient and cost effective solution to suit your needs and will install systems that are fully compliant and recognised by all the major Insurance companies so your premium will also benefit from the added reassurance this brings.

CTV has improved a great deal over the page several years, upgrade your old system.

Call us for a survey and see what is available for your requirements.

Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

GK Evans North Wales, Cheshire and The Wirral offer Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

We are experienced in providing property owners and landlords with safety solutions to meet changing regulations for over 25 years. With an ever increasing requirement for the provision of fire safety and emergency lighting in a wide variety of properties, the installation of a reliable but cost effective system is paramount.

At your request, a GK Evans Technical Engineer can visit your premises and perform a full survey to advise you on the best solution to suit your needs and to ensure you meet your statutory obligations for Fire and Health & Safety.

Our systems are cost effective and will provide you with early warning and emergency lighting in the event of a power failure. Systems can be detected via Ionisation, Optical and Heat and can also be combined with sounders. Traditionally hard wired systems have been the norm however we can now supply retro fit systems that operate wirelessly hence no mess or upheaval when installing.

All our systems comply with BS 5839 and our Engineer can advise on the best solution for your needs.

Make sure your staff, stock and premises are fully protected in the event of a fire and/or loss of power and that you fully comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. Emergency lighting is essential in the event of power failure for:

  • Stairs and exits
  • Safety signs, fire extinguishers and fire blankets
  • Corridors and connecting exit routes

lectrical Inspection, Testing and Certification

Electrical Inspection, Testing and Certification

We offer Electical Inspection, Testing and Certification at GK Evans North Wales, Cheshire and The Wirral - Electrical Engineers

We have significant experience of providing our clients with inspection, testing and assessment service.

The use of electricity in the workplace is subject to The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and both the Health & Safety Executive and Insurance companies are increasingly insisting on the strict application of the relevant standards.

It is the Law to test both your electrical installation and your Portable Appliances and electrically powered equipment and your Insurance cover will inevitably be compromised if you do not meet these requirements.

Whatever type of commercial premises you are responsible for be it offices, factory, shop, building site, caravan park, church or village hall, GK Evans can quote for an Inspection, Testing, Reporting and Certification service for all types of installations.

We have a team of qualified inspectors working throughout North Wales, Chester, Wrexham, the Wirral and Cheshire, using the most recent testing equipment and who are up to speed on all the latest regulations. We will provide you with a professional and efficient service to give you peace of mind and the reports and certification to ensure your satisfy all your regulatory obligations.

If required, any remedial work can be carried out quickly following your approval and we will ensure all installations are safe and carry no risk of injury or damage to your staff or premises.

We can supply a no obligation quote to carry out all testing and certification and are happy to look at regular maintenance as part of an overall service package.

PAT Certification and Inspection Testing

PAT Certification and Inspection Testing

Commercial PAT Testing - GK Evans North Wales, Cheshire and The Wirral - Electrical Engineers

We can provide you with an annual service arrangement or as you call us we attend and routinely check the condition and safety of the flexes and plug top connections to all you portable appliances. This is all in line with the electricity safety at work act and to ensure they are safe to use and operate.

A full and detailed print out report or a file report will be sent over electronically for your files.

Labour Only Term Contracts

Labour Only Term Contracts

We maintain a dedicated and experienced workforce that is available on a commercial basis, if the requirement suits, on a Labour Only Term Contract.

Industrial and commercial clients require experienced electricians from time to time to support their own in house team at times of peak demand – for example at shut down and essential maintenance periods.

We have many years’ experience of working hand in hand with to tailor a resource to meet this type of requirement, and are happy to work with you to apply the experienced resource you need, at a time to suit and at rates that meet your budgetary constraints.

We have successfully maintained many large industrial and commercial clients on these contracts for many years.

Advantages of this service:

  • Qualified and experienced electricians supported by excellent quality management
  • Portfolio of successful historic Labour Only Contracts
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible shift patterns to suit your requirements
  • Flexible resource to meet peak demand
  • Electrical wholesale contacts for the competitive supply only of materials

Please get in touch now to discuss your specific requirements and how we can tailor a solution for you.

Electrical Service for Caravan Parks

Electrical Service for Caravan Parks

Electrical Services for Caravan Parks by GK Evans North Wales, Cheshire and The Wirral - Electrical Engineers

We have a good reputation for providing a quality and reliable service in this industry, at competitive prices, putting together a design through to completion test certificate.

Electrical Testing, Inspection and Certification has become a major annual procedure for us, ensuring caravan park owners are compliant with authority registration and insurance company requirements.

General day to day repairs on hook up boxes, street lighting and mains distribution systems is also a main area of our work.

We provide a full caravan park site underground cable testing service and we provide testing for new static caravans sitings or lodges and any re-siting of caravans providing you with full detailed electrical test and inspection certification.

Or if you run a Touring caravan park and/or camping site, you will require the same electrical connection to bases and shower blocks, with full electrical certification.

We also carry out Electrical Installation, Fire Alarm and Emergency lighting testing and certification within the general offices, entertainment club, bars, swimming pools and shower blocks. These certifications are frequently requested by local authority and insurance companies.

Other services offered are CCTV cameras systems and data Wi-Fi systems.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting


We are a leading supplier and installer of LED energy efficient lighting for offices, shops, garages, car showrooms, industrial buildings, production factories, nursing homes, hotels and much more.

We offer internal or external LED lighting upgrades that will help you to reduce running costs by up to 75%.

FREE LED LIGHTING SURVEY - GK Evans North Wales, Cheshire and The Wirral - Electrical Engineers
Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme for Businesses

Open to all businesses that pay UK corporation tax or income tax, regardless of size, sector or location (Loss making businesses may apply against income tax payments).

Provides 100% first-year capital allowances on investments in energy-saving equipment against taxable profits of the period of investment.

Only spending on new and unused energy-saving equipment can qualify for ECAs.

Capital allowances are available for spending ‘on the provision of’ plant and machinery. This can include certain costs arising as a direct result of the installation of qualifying plan and machinery such as, transport of the equipment to the site, and some direct installation costs.

The 2015 Enhanced Capital Allowance compliance revision includes lighting controls described as ‘products that are specifically designed to switch electric lighting on or off/or to dim its output. Alongside this, the 2015 minimum luminaire efficacies for white LED lighting units have increased dramatically to further promote the use of more efficient light sources and controls.

Please see link below explains how Enhanced Capital Allowances work, but please note that reasonable labour charges can be included. Please confirm the latter with your Accountant.


We specialise in LED lighting technology and intelligent lighting controls.

Some of our lighting solutions are replacing 600 x 600 false ceiling fluorescent lighting to a 600 x 600 LED lighting panel providing correct energy saving lux levels to ensure full HSE compliance and showing up to 72% running cost saving. We have also changed external Floodlighting from 250/400W sodium or metal halide and to the more energy efficient and improved LED lighting, and with Car Showrooms and workshops we have shown a 69% saving on running costs, plus the type of light given out enhances the cars or product more than before.

Savings made with new LED Technology:

  • Financial pay back within 12-24 months, sometimes sooner.
  • Enhanced Capital Allowance relief, writing off 100% of the capital cost against tax in the first year.
  • Maintenance on your lighting is reduced considerably i.e. lamp replacement etc.
  • Improved lux level lighting for HSE requirements and thus reduction of potential accidents at work.
  • CIBSE lighting lux level guidelines must now be met in line with HSE and your insurance requirements.
  • Your business will have a carbon reduction strategy in line with corporate social responsibility.

EV Charging Points

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

With more electric cars on our roads, we are seeing an increasing demand for EV charger units in homes and businesses.

As Installers of Electric Vehicle Charging Points – we offer an extensive range of Home Charge units installed at you home, or Workplace units installed at your business.

We are accredited under the Government OLEV/OZEV Grant Scheme working closely with many quality EV charging point manufacturers.

Our electrical knowledge and over 45 years of service for homes and businesses, we provide a quality installation.

Our experienced administration and technical team will ensure you get the right EV charge point to suit your needs.

We use Award-winning companies who are specialists in EV Charge points.

  • Start/stop charging
  • Variable charging Speeds (amps)
  • Charge stations (via mobile phone) or a web enabled device

Having installed many points in the following counties – Gwynedd, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wrexham , Cheshire and the Wirral and farther afield.

Give us a call on 01745 888549 or email

GK Evans is happy to provide a no obligation design and quotation service to ensure you get a solution tailored to your requirements and to suit your budget.